jade_starr (jade_starr) wrote in otny,

Review: The Ring Two

Starring: Naomi Watts, David Dorfman, Simon Baker, and Cameo by Sissy Spacek

Genre: Horror / Thriller / Drama / Mystery

Tagline: Fear comes full circle.

The long awaited sequel to the Japanese Horror flick, The Ring. The movie begins with the same gusto as the first; two teens (Ryan Merriman,Emily VanCamp) share an intimate moment together when Ryan Merriman suggests that his "friend" a.k.a. Emily VanCamp watch the video that inspired the chain of events which led to the shocking conclusion of "The Ring". An awe-inspiring twist takes place which causes even the most stubborn of jaws to drop. Naomi Watts and Co-Star David Dorfman return to the big screen (in my case, a small one) with the silly hope that Samara, (A small, frail yet dangerously psychotic "drowned rat" of a girl) has moved on, thanks to Rachel (Naomi Watts) It seems to me that this just is not so. Samara has returned and she has a new purpose in mind. She will return to life, no matter what the cost, to see that she receives what she so desperately longs to have. Even if she has to confront HER own worst fear.

Although this movie lacked the imagination of the first, it made up for lost points with several fine acting points. Praise goes out to Naomi Watts for her ability to imbue the audience with an un-erring sense of urgency, and David Dorfman whose talent for playing the intelligent and creepy, Aidan is matched only through the digitally mastered image of Samara All in all, I give this movie a 4.5 out of a 7.0, "Better than the first but far from great"
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