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Review for The Thing Below

The Thing Below

Starring: Billy Warlock

Genre: Sci Fi/Thriller

Tagline: Fear is Rising.

Plot Outline: A top secret drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico raises a dormant alien creature from the depths. Once loose, the creature goes on a murderous rampage.

The Thing Below or Sea Ghost, which was the orignal title, is about a group of Navy doctors who find a cave found 14.5 feet below the surface of the earth. They collect specimens from the cave and soon after run into some trouble. The specimen(s) are let loose and begin to take over.

Seriously, this movie sucked. Yeah, it was so fuckin' bad they had to change the name before it was released onto dvd. It's apparent, within the first 5 minutes (if that), that most of their budget went into the packaging. The box cover looked awesome! The star of this movie was Billy Warlock, who played A.J. Quartermain on General Hospital. I don't know what they were thinking. He couldn't hack it on a soap and he was eventually replaced so why would a producer think he could handle a full-length film? On the soap he played a drunk, or attempted to. How in the hell could he pull off being a ship captainin if he couldn't even be a drunk? The rest of the budget, which was exactly $2.15, went into the computerized squid/alien thingy that came from the cave. Did I mention that this squid/alien thing could turn into what you most desire? Or that it can transform into you once you are dead? This film seems to be modeled after The Terminator in a way.

In case you haven't figured out my rating:

Run very fast from this movie and don't look back, or a 0 out 7. Sorry, Dookie, it doesn't even get a 1.
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