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Review for A lot Like Love

"A Lot Like Love"

Starring:Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Tagline: There's nothing better than a great romance... to ruin a perfectly good friendship.

Plot Summary: On a flight from Los Angeles to New York, Oliver (Kutcher) and Emily (Peet) make a connection.

This movie is about two ppl who meet in an awkward sitiation, and continue to cross paths for the next 7 years. Everytime they meet it's just as awkward as the first meeting but their chemistry quickly turns awkward into comfortable. Throughout the movie they both go through relationships and drastic changes but something out there fights to bring them together against both of their wishes.

Kutcher and Peet do have a lot of chemistry but was it enough to keep me interested? Yeah, it was. I actually liked this movie. I thought it was going to be a typical romantic comedy but there were a few twists that made me ponder the actual ending. I'm not a fan of Peet, or Kutcher for that matter, but they both kept me entertained. Of course it was cheesy but it made me feel like there is a love worth waiting for out there.

In case you haven't figured out my rating:

Pay full price for this movie or a 4.754329339483 for short.
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I don't quite understand the rating system. You've advised people to "pay full price for this movie" yet it only gets 4.75.... of 7? What better recommendation could you give than "pay full price"? What would it take to get a 6 or *gasp* a 7 even?

I haven't seen this movie, mostly because I don't like the stars. And yeah, I figured it would be cheesy, canned romantic comedy, especially starring Mr. Demi Moore himself. I *might* have to give it a chance. Maybe.

I like how you give a phrase for your ratings too. It's fun :)
You just wait. All of my tags are going to change but the numbers will be the same. There are many things better than paying full price! Keep an eye out!