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Review for "Something's Gotta Give"

Ok, this is Rachel, taking over!

Neither of these fools would review this movie, and if they did, they wouldn't be honest about it.
I watched this movie (on Tiffany's recommendation, I might add) as a distraction from my task for the night. I wanted to watch something I'd never seen before.

Title: Something's Gotta Give

Genre: trying to be a romantic comedy

Plot Summary: A swinger on the cusp of being a senior citizen with a taste for young women falls in love with an accomplished woman closer to his age.

Harry (Jack Nicholson) is a player who nabs gorgeous young women by flouncing around his money and the fact that he owns the second largest hip-hop record label in the country. (That has to be it - why else would anyone sleep with that man?) Marin (Amanda Peet) is a walls-up, never-gonna-fall-in-love young women looking for some fun with an old, rich dude she's not actually physically attracted to. When Harry is accidentally introduced to Marin's mother, Erica (Diane Keaton), at their beach vacation house (and plans for Harry-and-Marin's-big-first-time are ruined) animosity runs rampant. After Harry has a heart attack, he is ordered by his oh-so-available-heart-throb doctor (Keanu Reeves) to stay in town and take it easy while he recovers. When the rest of the cast heads back to the city, Harry and Erica are left alone on the beach and, well, getting-to-know-you ensues.

I thought this movie was Lame, with a capital L. It was melodramatic, overacted and just plain difficult to watch. I want to throttle the director of this movie, along with the screenwriter. Jack and Diane (heh) had no chemistry whatsoever, their flirting was overt and didn't mesh with what they were actually saying to each other. The facial expressions were the worst though! So many raised eyebrows, embarrassed smiles and knowing looks that didn't actually mean anything. I think Harry's personal assistant was meant to be comic relief (since the rest of the film was seriously lacking in the humor department), but he just came across as needy and a little creepy. Strangely enough, and this pains me greatly to have to say this, I found the most genuine acting in this movie came from Keanu. He was the only character I was actually drawn to and cared about. Too bad he was just a pawn in the whole scheme of things. Amanda was her usual self, which was fitting for her character, but didn't impress me much since it's her standard acting style. If I have to see Jack Nicholson cry one more time, it won't be pretty. Knowing how these stories always end, I spent the entire movie cringing in expectation of the eventual result. The moment intended to cause the audience so much angst they can hardly keep themselves from running into traffic, gave me only the briefest glimmer of hope before I realized that romantic comedies don't end realistically.

My rating = Watch this movie when you're looking to see something you haven't already seen and it's too late to go get a rental, but somebody's left an unwanted copy of it at your place, and even then, check your standard collection first to make sure there isn't something else you're in the mood for - or 1.3 out of 7.
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