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Review - "Better Than Chocolate"

Yay! My first movie review as myself!

Title: Better Than Chocolate

Starring: Karyn Dwyer, Christina Cox, Wendy Crewson

Genre: romance/drama/comedy

Plot Summary:Two attractive young lesbians, Maggie and Kim, meet in Vancouver, develop a passionate romance, and move in together. Meanwhile, Maggie's well-meaning but naive mother Lila gets divorced and decides to move to Vancouver and join the household. Soon after, Lila is befriended by Judy, a transsexual about to undergo a sex-change operation. Complications ensue as the conservative Lila learns the truth about Maggie, Judy, and their diverse group of friends.

I first saw this movie when I was an impressionable young woman (high school) and instantly fell in love. I watched this movie again this morning because I'd had a bit of a rough night and needed a pick-me-up after work. This movie always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me cry a little and it makes me want to wank.

The romance in this movie is un-realistic. And at times, the acting leaves something to be desired. This is a lesbian B-movie, folks. But this is a lesbian B-movie at its best! This movie is sensual and seductive. It's REAL. The characters are well developed. Everyone has their own story. Maggie's hair is gorgeous! Kim is a believable, not over-done, butch. Judy sings about her nuts! Lila gets off to opera music! This movie tackles issues of love, sex, identity, honesty and LIFE. The message is loud and clear: Go after your dreams. Follow your heart and don't stop until you get what you want. Doing "the right thing" isn't always what's best for you. Plus, the music rocks! This movie is the only thing that has ever made me like Sarah McLachlan. Oh, and one more thing. This movie is set in Canada. It doesn't get much better than that.

My rating = tattoo "Maggie Loves Kim" on your ass, or 7 out of 7.
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Well, well appears that we have a situation here. A member of our community, not a maintainer I might add, seems to have posting access somehow. Hmm, this is a mystery.

Anyway, I agree with nimroddess. This movie was fantastic!
Not really sure why that posted so soon...

As I was beginning to type...This movie is a "feel good movie." While watching it, it allows you to escape your crazy life and watch other ppl's crazy lives. Of course the ppl on tv are able to fix their problems in an hour and a half and at the end of the movie your "love" problems are still here. But, hey, none of that matters because everyone is hugging and kissing and you can't help but feel good.

I also would give this a 7. I wouldn't get the tattoo...but I would pay for someone to get it!