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Movie review for Test Tube....

"Test Tube Teens From The Year 2000"

Starring: Morgan Fairchild and Ian Abercrombie

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

Tagline: Prepare yourself for some Close Encounters of the Raunchy Kind.

Plot Outline: In the future, corporations have taken over the world and banned sex. A group of rebellous "Test Tube Teens" set out to change their future.

A group of "TTT's" are confronted by Professer Dorn, who is played by Ian Abercrombie, and told that there was life before the corporations took over. Dorn, being a peace lovin' hippy, gets the Teens determined to go back in time and seek out the main corporation leader, Mrs. Swales, who is played by Morgan Fairchild, and show her that sex can be fun. These teens are in for it when they try to "fit in" to a new time and to an all girls school!

Holy Shit, I love this movie. I saw this when it first came out and I have to admit, I forgot that it was a soft porn! I have to be honest though, this movie is a total b movie and it's probably one that most ppl can afford to miss. The two main teens, Naldo and Vin, played by Brian Bremer and Christopher Wolf, are $1.0298 actors but managed to keep my attention with their 80's acting and their cheesy lines. Morgan Fairchild was burned by a former love and all it takes is a "treminator wanna be" to get her to like sex again. It's doesn't get any better than this.

In case you haven't guessed my rating:

If your favourite thing is to watch paint this and spice up your life or a 2.1 out of a 7.
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Wow, I can't belive "Red Eye" only got 0.05 higher rating than this disaster. I'm glad you rated this low even though you love it. VBest to keep things honest round hnyah.
Seriously, what is VBest hynah? I have a feeling the V might be a typo so you don't really have to answer that one. But what is the other word? We have no idea what in the world is could be. I'll tell ya...we are having a great time trying to figure it out!