jade_starr (jade_starr) wrote in otny,

Review: Kinsey

Genre: Biography / Drama

Tagline: Let's talk about sex.?

Plot Outline: A look at the life of Alfred Kinsey (Neeson), a pioneer in the area of human sexuality research, whose 1948 publication "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" was one of the first recorded works that saw science address sexual behavior.

Starring: Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Chris O'Donnell, Peter Scarsgaard and Tim Curry.

A wonderfully engaging film that addresses the audience in a frank and mature fashion. Liam Neeson shines in the splendidly articulate role of Alfred Kinsey. Powered by an all-star cast, this film is sure to engage even the most frigid of psyches. Laura Linney offers her support as the wife of Alfred Kinsey. She appears to the audience in a flurry of theories and a wit that matches Neeson himself. Supported by an entourage of other well known actors, this movie never skips a beat. I was delighted from the moment I started this movie until the moment I finished it. I attained a great deal of knowledge while following Alfred Kinsey (Neeson) on his journey to bring light to the many myths involving the sexual physiology in both man/woman kind. For all those with a thirst and hunger for knowledge, I recommend this movie to you. On a scale of 7: I rate this movie a "6.5" or in other words "Every single person can benefit from renting this film... Learn it! Love it! Live it!"
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I have never known what this movie is about, so I've always just passed on by. Now I'm intrigued. Thanks for reviewing it!
I was at a loss, for trying to find something worth renting is becoming very difficult indeed. You'll like this movie. Let me know what you think of it!