slurpeeslurp (slurpeeslurp) wrote in otny,

Title: Lords Of Dogtown

Genre: Action / Drama / Sport

Tagline: They came from nothing to change everything.

IMDB Plot Outline: A fictionalized take on the group of brilliant young skateboarders raised in the mean streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California. The Z-Boys, as they come to be known, perfect their craft in the empty swimming pools of unsuspecting suburban homeowners, pioneering a thrilling new sport and eventually moving into legend.

Tiffany's Take: This movie was amazing and it was all about skateboarding! I have followed "The Legend of the Z-Boys" since I was 7 and it's what drew me to the sport. Yes, folks, I have a chipped tooth from an olly gone bad! Back to my take, The movie mainly follows skaters Stacy Perralta, Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Zephyr Team founder Skip Embloom. Zephyr Team= Z-Boys. These boys were living the worst lives in the slums of Venice, CA and surfing and skateboarding were all they had. It's funny because they decided to skate because it was something they could do when they couldn't surf and it was skating that turned them into legends. I was a bit sad to see a few of the original Z-boys were left out of the movie but it was still pretty true to form. I think the actors, or "skactors", did a great job acting and skating like the Z-boys they were portraying. If you liked the documentary "Dogtown and Z-Boys" you should definitely see this. It shows that even when you can go anywhere in the world going back to your roots feels the most like home.

In case you haven't guessed my rating:

Even if you hate skateboarding you can appreciate this movie, or a 6 out of 7.

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