slurpeeslurp (slurpeeslurp) wrote in otny,

What we're about.

Hey there folks. We are a new movie review community. I know, I know, there are so many movie review communities out there so why should you choose ours. Simple. We don't work. We don't sleep. All we do all day is watch movies. We are perfect for this job. Why wouldn't you want our insight on just about every movie that is out.

Plus, we also offer more than a regular movie review community. We take requests! That's right. You can ask us if we have seen a particluar movie and if we haven't we will go and rent it! You tell me any other critics that will do that. That's what I thought.

I would love to sit here and chat all night but we have movies to watch!

If you like what you read in this journal copy and paste the code below and give it to all your friends!


Our very own banner complete with comedy and tragedy pictures!
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You should both review all the movies.

Oh and I did make you this little icon for your comm too. I like your popcorn theme.

Hey tiffany and stephen. i was curious as if you could review a movie for me. I ran across your website looking for a friend, and found your review's highly inlightning and at times humorous. If you have time, could you review Finding Neverland for me.
Thank You.

P.S. I never wanted to see Constantine until i read your review, and now its one of my favorites. Thanks for the great work.